Who I Am

Hi All, This is Kimberly, A GP Tutor with teaching experience of more than 12 years. If someone asks me the importance of GP tuitions I would bluntly say that they make you learn how to think and this is something that you would continue doing your entire life. In my case it all began with that passion to get into the details of everything and I was surprised to what this wonderful subject called GP had to offer.Kimberly

The time when it fell in love with GP the syllabus used to be huge and this indeed slowed down my learning pace but when I began to teach came in those fast track courses and they made me understand and learn faster. I keep a close eye on current trends and latest developments to ensure that every student stays abreast with the changes coming in the curriculum.

For all those students who want to ditch out the concept of classroom learning and go with something broad and vibrant, General Paper is going to be the favorite subject. The only hurdle that comes in the way of enthusiastic learners is that they find it hard to relate to all that is written and this is where a GP tutor comes to help as he relates that data to real life and makes learning easy and interesting.

With GP tuitions coming from an experienced tutor like me exercises such as comprehension, writing and reading will become concise thus sharpening English skills of the student.