Important things to clarify with a private tutor before hiring

Are you concerned about the performance of your child in class? When a child shows bad academic performance, parents start thinking that their child has something wrong with him. There are many reasons for showing poor performance in the class by a child. It may be because he is not able to cope up with the speed of the teacher, he is not interested in learning a particular subject, he does not have good friends, and he does not like the teacher or any other reason. Thus, the most important thing is to first determine the exact reason for the poor performance of your child in the class. This will help you to take the right step for helping your child.

It is seen that most children who show poor performance in their class improve greatly when they study at home with a personal tutor. There are many benefits of a home tutor. But, the most important thing is that parents have to find out the best home tutor for their child. It is only possible of you clarify certain things with the tutor before hiring him. The things that you should clarify include the following:

  • Get the personal details from the tutor including his name, contact number and address. This is important for further communication with the teacher.
  • You have to ask about the subject that a teacher deals with. If your child does not perform well in a particular subject, you have to find a home tutor for that particular subject only.chinese-private-tuition
  • Ask about the schedule of the tutor. You should be specific about your needs. It includes if you want a daily tuition or on alternate days and for how many hours. You should know the schedule of your child to ask the teacher if he is comfortable with your needs or not.
  • Ask about the fee that he will charge from you. Different tutors may ask for a different fee depending upon their experience and qualification.
  • It is also important that sometimes parents want to choose a teacher of a particular gender. It is very important a child should be comfortable with the teacher to understand the subject easily.