Importance of Learning Chinese In Singapore

In Singapore, a country with over 20 counties, there is nothing special in learning Chinese. Not even for the young pupils. Children are fast embracing adding the Chinese language to their repertoire.

Most parent putting their kids to Chinese language schools do so with the through that, Asia is the place to be in the near future. Learning Chinese also gives the kids an effective way for them to better understand the Chinese culture.


Chinese culture

Singapore has four official languages namely English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil.

After gaining independence back in 1965, the government kept English as the key language suitable for maximum economic prosperity.

Mandarin has also been an essential language too. Citizens with Chinese descent ranks as the largest ethic community making up three quarters of the country’s population.

In 1979, the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew initiated a Speak Mandarin Campaign which has since been re-launched on an annual basis.

Besides, as Chinese edges closer to becoming a global economic giant, Singapore is further pushing to the usage of the Chinese language. The advancement made by china has pragmatic implication to the community living in Singapore.

The Speak Mandarin campaign has since moved from promoting a spoken language to now engaging Chinese communities to further appreciate the Chinese culture.

Useful language

Expatriated living and working in Singapore are also signup for Chinese language schools. Demand for the teaching services is increasing by about 20% every year. In fact, every new person in the country is forced by a number of factors to take up Chinese language lesion. Mandarin is proving an essential tool for business owners with over a billion people speaking the language globally. Visitors are forced to learn the language to help them understand the culture of the people they have to interact with every day.

The same eagerness to learn Chinese has been seen across the globe. Countries like India are also introducing Mandarin lesson is government schools while Chinese language is now one of the most studied language in UK’s high schools.


What to check when hiring a home tuition for your child in Singapore?

Tutoring has become an important job in Singapore. This is owing to hard competition that children have to face in their schools and colleges. You can find home tuitions for almost every subject in Singapore. If you search the web for a home tutor in Singapore, you will get many results in the search engine. It is a tough work for the parents to choose the best teacher who is dedicated enough to improve the grades of your child. There are many things to check when hiring a home tutor for your child in Singapore:


The most important is your budget. Teachers charge different fee depending upon their experience in teaching. New teachers generally charge a low fee but they should be competent enough to explain the subject properly to your child. The efficiency of a teacher matters a lot in helping your child to achieve success. An educated teacher can only give the right education if he himself has proper knowledge of the subject. Thus, you can ask about the experience and years of teaching experience from the teacher. You can ask the numbers of previous students taught by him to get a feedback from them. It is not necessary that teachers who charge more money can be good teachers.

The teacher should be able to understand the needs of your child. Every child is different and has different capabilities. A good teacher will mold himself according to the needs of your child.  a teacher should meet with the child for atleast three or four times in a week for proper interaction. Proper communication between a teacher and a student is important in order to make the learning easier and effective.  A tutor should be able to establish a good relationship with your child. It is important that a child should feel comfortable while taking lessons from a teacher. This will make it easier for your child to understand the things easily and grasp his lessons quickly. Your hold can also ask his queries from the teacher without any hesitation if he feels comfortable with the teacher. Home tuition is useful only if a child is happy with the teacher.